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Katy O'Ferrell's Promo 2017

The Birth and Christening

As Proclaimed by Glyn Ferrell, March 15 2014

The O'Ferrell's came from Ireland. There in Ireland, they went by the name of O'Ferrell. The "O" was later dropped as they made their way across the ocean to Virgina, Kentucky, and Missouri.

The idea of Katy O' Ferrell's Irish Pub was shared with me approximately 8 years ago. The father of the idea was my nephew, Paul Dirnberger. Many here tonight know Paul.  Paul shared with me a conversation "years ago" he had with my sister, his mother, Mary Jo. Paul conveyed to his mother his dream of having an Irish Place someday that would give tribute to Mary Jo's mother, Florence Katherine Ferrell, and also Mary Jo's mother and father's last name: Ferrell. 

So with the Ferrell's Irish heritage in mind, Paul thought of a name. He substituted the "short Irish version" of Katy for Katherine and put the "O" back in the Ferrell name. Thus, the KATY O'FERRELL'S name was born, and began to take life. 

Paul's conversation with his mother never went away. As time moved forward, he consulted with his three brothers: Steve, Mark, and John Dirnberger, along with Mark's son Christopher. Together the four brothers (Paul, Steve, Mark and John) and their nephew Christopher, came together to fulfill the dream and tribute that Paul wanted for his mother. Yes, Paul, Steve, Mark, and John, in ending... I have decided the "Ole Fashion Irish Toast" I give tonight will be a few short words...

"Y'all did it! And may we all never forget what is worth remembering!"